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What is Online Classroom?

Online Classroom is a package. It includes a hard copy book, or digital ebook, and an e-learning tool which is accessible online 24/7. The online resource engages students through interactive content, high quality graphics and videos. You can view the online content on a range of devices, including white/smartboards, laptops and tablets (it is optimised for the Chrome browser). The hard copy book and ebook explains how you use the e-learning tool and contains additional notes, photocopiable activity sheets and answers.

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Online Classroom: Australian History

Online Classroom: Australian History

Online Classroom: Australian History comprises six curriculum-linked packages. Each package includes a hard copy book (or digital ebook) and a digital teaching resource which will change the way your students view History. Each Online Classroom: Australian History package is targeted at a particular year level and so the content is age-appropriate.

The Australian History e-learning resource can be used in class on individual or class devices, accessed by the students at home, or used by homeschoolers. Activity sheets can be completed by students in class or completed as homework. Online Classroom: Australian History will enhance students’ understanding, generate lively class and group discussions and bring your classroom into the digital age.
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Online Classroom: Mammals

About Online Classroom: Mammals

Online Classroom: Mammals is a package. It contains a hard copy book and an interactive e-learning resource that will change the way your students view the amazing world of these animals.

Students will love the colours, graphics and videos contained within the online resource and you will find the e-learning tool easy to use by following the instructions in the hard copy book. Online Classroom: Mammals is a complete classroom, homework, student extension and home school teaching and learning package which will amaze.
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“I like the way it covers everything in a really student-friendly way… my students will understand
the language and it is visually appealing to students.”

Year 3 Teacher, WA

“It is highly visual and interactive and the children responded well.”
Assistant Principal, NSW

“The Online Classroom looks fantastic! I found it easy to navigate and read, keeps your interest and able
to self pace. It is great for revision, introduction to topics or extension work.”

ECU Tutor, WA


Each Online Classroom comprises an A4 hard copy book (or digital ebook) and an online resource. The online resource combines audio, videos, clickable buttons and picture galleries to deliver content in a manner which reaches out to students and fully engages them. The hard copy book, and ebook, contains step-by-step instructions to logging into and using your online resource. It also contains photocopiable activity sheets to be completed after students have viewed the content. Answers are also provided in the book together with additional teacher notes.
Online Classroom is a new product from Ready-Ed Publications that no educator should be without!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Online Classroom different to traditional learning?
Online Classroom includes an online resource. Using the online resource, students will view content digitally. Research shows that children are much more engaged with their school work when it is presented in a visually stimulating manner. read more >

Who is Online Classroom for?
Online Classroom is for students of all primary levels… read more >>

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