Since the launch of Online Classroom: Australian History a few weeks, it has been flying off the virtual shelves! Offering a fresh perspective on history lesson planning, engaging students in history and offering an easy way to integrate technology into the classroom.

A group of WA kids from 5 different primary schools also got involved in making this tool possible, along with a brilliant group of teachers who painstakingly tested it and help us improve it.

139b7a32-ea38-41f5-b690-ea79c1f09866What the Kids Say?

“The videos I star in bring History to life for children my age”.
Ollie Marsh, a Year 3 student at Kingsway Christian College.

“I enjoyed re-enacting panning for gold in the Perth Hills the most.”
Louis Austin, a Year 6 student from Darlington Primary School

What the Teachers’ Say?

“I like the way it covers everything in a really student friendly way… my students will understand the language and it is visually appealing to students”
Year 3 Teacher, WA

“It is highly visual and interactive and the children responded well.”
Assistant Principal, NSW

We thank everyone for the invaluable help in putting this tool together.