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With Anzac day just around the corner, we thought to do a post filled with interesting facts you might not know about the Anzacs.

Yes, the Anzacs were in Gallipoli to fight the Turkish army, but when there, they found they had other battles on their hands. Historical sources left behind, such as diary entries and letters, tell us that the Anzacs’ top ten hates were:

    1. Flies – many Anzacs complained that with every mouthful of food it was inevitable that they would swallow a mouthful of flies.
    2. A lack of fresh water – shaving and bathing were rare. Often their only drink was strong black tea.
    3. Freezing blizzards – some Anzacs’ toes and fingers were amputated due to frost bite.
    4. Soaring temperatures – Anzacs were left hot and sticky in their boots and long pants.

Anzacs in the trench

  1. Cramped conditions – men claimed that they would sleep standing up as there was no room to lie down to rest.
  2. The stench of the dead – there were times when the Anzacs and the Turkish Army called truces to give both sides time to bury the dead.
  3. Lice, mosquitoes, maggots and rats – were attracted to the unclean conditions in the trenches and fed on the soldiers’ open wounds.
  4. Disease – a poor diet low in nutrients and open and untreated wounds led to disease. Disease spread quickly in summer months and in the crowded conditions.
  5. Noise – many suffered hearing problems due to the incessant noise of gunfire.
  6. The endless digging of deep trenches and tunnels – was said to more tiring than the fighting itself.

Would you be able to operate under those conditions?

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