Online Classroom Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Online Classroom
  • How does the online resource display?
  • The Content
  • Purchasing Online Classroom And Accessing The Digital Resource
  • Legalities
  • Technology Requirements


    About Online Classroom

    What is Online Classroom?

    Online Classroom is a new product created by Ready-Ed Publications.
    ● It includes an online teaching and learning resource which can be used in primary schools.
    ● The online resource creates an interactive and fun learning environment for students.
    ● It is simple to login to the online resource, is easy to use and navigate.
    ● As well as an online resource you will receive a hard copy book which will give you step-by-step instructions to using the online resource.

    You can use Online Classroom:
    – to plan and present your lessons;
    – to generate lively class discussions;
    – for group work;
    – for independent learning on individual devices;
    – for homework/as a research resource.

    How is Online Classroom different to traditional learning?

    Research shows that students are much more engaged when they are presented with visually stimulating material and information that can be explored in a fun and interactive way. The online resource includes touch buttons and video clips coupled with colourful and exciting visuals to compliment traditional learning material such as the activity sheets found in the A4 hard copy book.

    How does the online resource display?

    The online resource is designed to be used on class electronic white/smartboards, individual computers, tablets and other devices.

    Who is Online Classroom for?

    There is an Online Classroom package to suit students in Year 1 through to Year 6. Recommended age groups are marked clearly on each Online Classroom package.

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    The content

    What is included in each Online Classroom package?

    Each Online Classroom package contains an A4 hard copy book and an electronic resource. The online resource has a home page, contents section, information section and a teacher section. The teacher section contains activity sheets, answers and extension ideas. The A4 hard copy book includes step-by-step instructions to using the online resource. Inside this book you will also find photocopiable activity sheets, answers and extension ideas.

    Click CONTENTS on the top navigation menu bar and this page will give you an overview of all the topics in each section. Click the SECTION buttons to go directly to the information and use the left hand side menu to navigate through the topics. The TEACHER SECTION button is located at the bottom of the screen.

    How do I use the teacher section in the online resource?

    We have made the teacher section easy to navigate. You will always find the TEACHER SECTION button at the bottom of your screen. The teacher section is divided into sections and topics. Click on a topic to reveal activity sheets, answers and extension ideas.

    And the best bit…if any changes are made to the curriculum or website links, our modifications will automatically appear on the package you have purchased.

    How can I access the activity sheets?

    The downloadable activity sheets are in pdf format on the online resource. You can print them out and distribute to your students. Go to the teacher section and click the topic you wish to explore then click Activity Page/s.The activity sheets are also available inside the A4 hard copy book. You can photocopy the number you need and distribute to students to complete after they have viewed the corresponding online content.

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    Purchasing Online Classroom And Accessing The Digital Resource

    How do I buy Online Classroom?

    Visit www.readyed.net and click on Online Classroom, select the package that you wish to purchase and follow the prompts to complete your transaction. You will receive the A4 hard copy book.

    How do I access the online resource?

    Once your purchase is complete and you have received your A4 hard copy book you will follow the simple instructions on pages 8 and 9 of your hard copy book to access the online resource. It is as simple as clicking a link!

    What if I lose my login details for the online resource?

    Please contact us on: info@readyed.com.au

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    Can I use the images, text or videos from the online resource for other purposes?

    The content of the online resource is protected by copyright, therefore permission must be obtained from Ready-Ed Publications in order to reuse any of this content for commercial, educational or personal use. Please email info@readyed.com.au to find out more.

    Can I share my online resource login details?

    You can share your login details with THE SAME YEAR LEVEL CLASSES IN YOUR SCHOOL. You may not share your login details with other schools or other homeschoolers. For Online Classroom: Bullying Is Not Okay you may share your login details with other teachers within your school.

    What if I, as a teacher, move schools? Can I take Online Classroom with me?

    If the school purchases Online Classroom, it belongs to the school. If purchased in a personal capacity, the licence is personal and thus you can simply take your Online Classroom with you.

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    What technology do I require to view the online resource?

      • You need to ensure you have a good internet connection.
      • The online resource is a browser-based tool optimised for the Chrome browser. Please ensure, where possible,that you have the latest version of Chrome, as older versions might not be fully supported. If you do not currently have Chrome installed, you can download Chrome here. The online resource is also supported by Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (running on Windows or Mac OSX) but is not optimised for these browsers.
      • Please also ensure Javascript is enabled. Please click here to find more information on technology requirements and troubleshooting tips.