Amazing Antarctica Resource


For Ages: 10+ Years
Curriculum: Australia
ISBN: 978 186 397 584 1
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Amazing Antarctica Resource is an excellent resource for any library.

The wildlife and the scientific opportunities of this icy continent have intrigued scientists and researchers for many years, and now Antarctica is even being touted as a tourist destination. Protected by the Antarctic Treaty, this harsh land of ice and rock provides fantastic learning opportunities for people from all over the world. Scientists from many countries work together to share valuable information so that we may learn more about this unique continent and of planet Earth as well.

Antarctica has a rich history of exploration, involving both triumphs and tragedies and to this day people endeavour to mark new territories in some of the most dangerous parts of the continent. Learn about the first humans to sight and walk on Antarctic land and read about the thrilling race to the South Pole in the Amazing Antarctica Resource.

Author: Jane Bourke

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