Australian Geography Series: Year 6 – A Diverse And Connected World


For Year: Year 6
Curriculum: Australia
ISBN: 978 186397 880 4
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Year 6:A Diverse And Connected World is part of the Australian Geography Series which comprises nine books in total. This book has been written specifically for students in Year 6, who are living in Australia and studying Geography. The activity book is arranged into three sections: Connecting Places, A Global Study and Environmental Hazards. Each section is closely linked to the Australian National Curriculum.

The first section, Connecting Places, is designed to raise students’ awareness that places are linked to one another. It explores Australia’s connection to the Asia region through trade, tourism, aid and historic ties. Students are also asked in this section to use geographic tools to locate different parts of Asia on the map.

The second section, A Global Study, examines different regions in the world and their populations. Students will be asked to explore concepts such as: why citizens in some countries have higher living standards than others and how the natural resources in a place generate industries and employment. Students will reflect on the causes of poverty in the world and research programmes in Australia and other parts of the world that aim to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries. This section also considers the similarities and differences in religions between Australia and selected countries of the Asia region.

The third section, Environmental Hazards, focuses on natural disasters that affect people and places and our responses to these hazards. Tasks will require students to assess the risks of various environmental hazards and evaluate action plans for survival. A major component of this section is a case study on the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. This environmental disaster will be considered from multiple perspectives by students, who will then synthesise their research findings to suggest prevention and management strategies.

Year 6: A Diverse And Connected World is a teacher-friendly resource for 11-12 year olds studying Geography. An inquiry-based approach is applied in the activities and research tasks. Students are challenged to weigh up the visual and graphic data presented, to form their own understandings about how people and places are connected to one another and the world.

Author: Lisa Craig

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