Communication and Technology Activity Book (BLM)


For Ages: 10+ Years
Curriculum: Australia
ISBN: 978 186 397 590 2
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The activities in the Communication and Technology Activity Book involve the use and extension of “thinking” strategies such as Mind Mapping®, brainstorming, problem reversal, lateral thinking and forced analogies. The tasks are designed to enhance the development of cognitive and affective processes such as risk taking, applied imagination, originality, curiosity, flexibility and elaboration.

The Communication and Technology Activity Book contains a set of task cards ideally suited to a library learning centre. The cards are designed to promote the use of creative thinking skills based around the topic of communication and technology and are to be used in conjunction with the Communication & Technology Resource Book.

The tasks in this package endeavour to highlight the rapid pace at which technology impacts on communication forms. The accompanying resource book provides an overview of communication methods from prehistoric times to present day. Activities examine the use of speech, in particular the development of English as a spoken and written language, moving through the centuries to explore the age of invention and the communication breakthroughs that this exciting era heralded.

Students are given opportunities to reflect back on primitive communication methods as well as looking to the future of global and personal communication and the astounding rate at which electronic and wireless communication is advancing. Activities will also enable students to develop their imagination and innovation skills through a range of design activities.

Author: Jane Bourke

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