Cultures, Places and Resources in Developing Countries


For Ages: 10 – 13 Years
Curriculum: Australia
ISBN: 978 186 397 807 1
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Cultures, Places and Resources in Developing Countries explores five developing countries: Afghanistan, Ethiopio, Peru, Laos and Papua New Guinea. The activities have been carefully constructed to help students understand how people’s lives and available resources are determined by their geographical position in the world. The tasks also help students recognise how these people come together because of their shared experiences, interests, pastimes, beliefs and skills.

Developing countries are often presented as negative places that are in need of westernising. This book aims to challenge students to view developing countries as diverse, rich in culture and tradition, and fascinating in their difference.

This curriculum linked resource will allow you to invite the world into your classroom and enrich your students’ knowledge. The answers are provided at the back of the book.

Author: Heather Zubek

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