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Level: Upper Primary

Preview: Geography: The Earth’s Water – Worksheets

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Geography: The Earth’s Water – Worksheets

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Upper primary teachers will be ready to teach with these Geography worksheets designed for Year 5 – Year 6 primary school levels. A great resource to learn about the distribution of the Earth’s water and how water is regulated in Australia. It is estimated that the world’s population currently stands at six billion. It is thought by some scientists that in the next 40 years the world’s population will double. This means that there will still be the same amount of water in the world but the human demand for it will be twice as much. Already, only 3% of the world’s water can be used directly for human consumption. The Earth’s Water For Upper Primary is printable and ready to download.

The contents of this Australian teacher resource can be used in the classroom as a whole class activity, completed in pairs or small groups, or be given to early finishers.

Aligned with the Australian curriculum.
Taken from: Australian Geography Series Year 7 – Unit 1: Resources In The World
Author: Fiona Back

The worksheets and activities include:

Using And Accessing Water
Rainfall And The Water Cycle
Surface And Groundwater 1-2
Availability Of Fresh Water
Distribution Of Fresh Water
Limited Stocks Of Water 1-2
Competing Water Usage

Other features:

  • Instantly downloadable in pdf format
  • Mini ebooks can be read on-screen or printed an unlimited number of times on demand.
  • Perfect to cover 1-3 weeks of lesson time
  • Priced affordably (*Optional: if you wish to purchase the book that it is taken from – the link is provided on this page)
  • Great resource for relief teachers

Get ready to teach Geography and download a mini ebook.


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