Groovy Green Ideas


For Ages: 8 – 12 Years
Curriculum: Australia & New Zealand
ISBN: 978 186 397 770 8
Formats: Ebook (AU, NZ) | Hard copy (AU only)
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Children have a colossal task on their hands. They are the custodians of our planet. We are depending on them to protect and save our world. We are depending on them to teach their children to manage and guard our planet. Groovy Green Ideas is the perfect teaching tool to motivate children to not only understand environmental issues, but to make themselves heard and get actively involved in solving some of the world’s most serious problems.

Groovy Green Ideas is full of practical activities and projects to do indoors and outdoors, which are easy to set up, fun, suited to a wide age group and curriculum linked. Taking the time to include environmental education in your classroom will provide your students with lifelong skills and values which will help them to mature and develop into responsible and active citizens who will help make a difference in our world.

Author: Miranda Mason

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Australia, New Zealand

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