Maths Rescue 2: Measurement, Chance and Data


For Ages: Upper Primary
Curriculum: Australia & New Zealand
Formats: Ebook (AU, UK) | Hard copy (AU only)
ISBN: 978 186 397 565 0
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Created for classroom teachers, the focus of the Maths Rescue series is on the reinforcement of “the basics” in maths, as well as activities aimed at developing understanding of mathematics concepts. Students with Specific Learning Difficulties experience a range of problems with their academic learning. These problems include word recognition and comprehension; coping with pages that are too cluttered and with too many differing requirements; being able to sequence, recall and apply strategies in abstract situations; striving to process information while working to meet deadlines and having trouble with personal organisation with their schoolwork.

While the books in this series are designed for students with learning difficulties, they can be used as a simple and straightforward introduction to concepts or a reinforcement of mathematical strategies for the whole class. The books follow a basic format, with each activity usually containing a choice of two worksheets to cater for a range of ability levels. Activities in the series are linked to National Mathematics Curriculum outcomes.

Maths Rescue 2: Measurement, Chance and Data contains:

  • Information on Specific Learning Difficulties: Information from a variety of referenced sources including online literature from recognised Australian organisations. Includes descriptions of the various learning difficulties and ideas for strategies in the classroom and at home;
  • Student Lifesavers: Clearly presented charts designed as a “basic facts” reference for students who are working though more difficult maths concepts;
  • “Parent Power” Pages: Informative pages for parents on each mathematical unit. These pages include terminology, mathematical strategies, examples and reinforcement ideas for the home and community;
  • Progress Charts: Students can keep an ongoing record of their homework achievements.

Author: Sandy Tasker

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Australia, International, United Kingdom

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