Measure Up


For Ages: 10 – 12 Years
Curriculum: Australia & New Zealand
ISBN: 978 186 397 461 5
Formats: Ebook (AU, NZ) | Hard copy (AU only)
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Measure Up assists the development of measurement process skills using a sound content base. It provides teachers with an opportunity to present students with outcomes-based, open-ended tasks. Each measurement concept (basic units, conversions, perimeter, area, surface area and capacity) is presented as a series of four types of questions:

  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant mathematical concepts;
  • Adaptation of these concepts to more difficult situations through word problems;
  • Mini tasks involving the solving of word problems incorporating multiple steps;
  • Open-ended tasks presented on a variety of levels and covering a range of student outcomes.

The book will prove to be of enormous value to teachers, and students will be challenged and stimulated by the activities.

Author: Donelle Francesconi

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Australia, International, New Zealand

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