The Creative Thinking Team Series: Book 1 – Exploring Environmental Solutions


For Years: 5-6
Curriculum: Australia
ISBN: 978 192 561 149 6
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The Creative Thinking Team Series aims to promote critical thinking strategies in the classroom using a creative thinking process to address topics in two specific learning areas:

Book 1: Science: Exploring Environmental Solutions includes topics such as enviro-friendly transport, energy efficient environments, animal conservation, water-wise communities, recycling and farming.

Book 2: HASS: Investigating Culture In Australia includes topics such as indigenous cultures, international arts, multicultural festivals, new cultures to Australia, cultural diversity in schools and community services and groups.

The books are divided into specific tasks that require the student or small group to work through a formal process to achieve a solution. Within the groups, students are given a team role that dictates how they as an individual should approach the task.

The activities in this book can be used a number of ways which include:
– as a 12 week group rotation program;
– as individual activities for early finishers; or
– as a whole class lesson.

The books contain teacher and student assessment checklists, as well as supporting materials such as templates for team evaluation. Each section contains extensive background notes that will provide a foundation on which students can base their approach to finding solutions to the task. Relevant websites have been included where applicable.

Author: Sandy Tasker

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