The Election Book


For Ages: 11+ Years
Curriculum: Australia
ISBN: 978 186 397 602 2
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The Election Book is an ideal resource for classroom use in the lead-up to any election, particularly federal elections, held in Australia. Many of the activities can be used more than once and there are also several practical ideas for extension activities to be carried out both before, during and after an election takes place.

The activities encourage full and thorough research of various forms of media, such as internet resources and newspaper specials. Students are asked to pay particular attention in their local community to the impact of election campaigns. In conjunction with following the campaigns of actual politicians, opportunities are provided for students to create their own “election campaigns” within the classroom.

In addition to covering election and voting procedures this book contains background information that is structured to introduce students to Australia’s current and historical systems of government. The accompanying photocopiable activities have been designed to consolidate students’ understanding in this field.

All activities in The Election Book are outcome-based with links to the political and legal strands of the Humanities learning areas of the curriculum. Internet references have also been included where applicable.

Author: Jane Bourke

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