Practical Ways for Teachers to Deal with Bullying at School


With approximately 32% of students reporting being bullied at school (source: Edutopia), bullying is no longer something that we can turn a blind eye to. Bullying affects every aspect of a child’s physical, emotional, psychological and mental well-being and is no longer only physical. Online bullying now makes up a huge portion of all bullying incidents.  Continue reading

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Practical Ways to Implement Sustainability in your School

Sustainability has become something of a buzz word in recent times, and is gradually entering our schools via the new Australian curriculum, which identifies it as one of three cross-curriculum priorities.

So what does it mean to be sustainable and why do we need to live sustainably?
I promise to make this quick. Sustainability refers to endurance, keeping something going. Sustainability is future-orientated, focusing on protecting environments and creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action. It is necessary in order for humans to ensure that planet Earth and all of its resources, can continue to provide a home for humans and for all other species (animals and plants) forever.

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Winter Themed Activity Ideas for the Classroom

Winter Activity Ideas Blog Header

Winter is a perfect time to discuss seasons; plan cosy indoor activities; write about the rain and warm up your students with a few interesting animal facts. Read about the winter habits of some Aussie animals and other classroom winter ideas.

We have included a selection of few winter themed free activity sheets to help educators keep your students busy; making lesson planning a breeze for rainy days. These winter themed activities suit most primary year levels. Continue reading

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Useful Tips For Creating Your Own Activity Sheets

Creating your own activity pages

Creating Primary School activity sheets can be fun. Especially for creative teachers and I know you’re out there! You can plan your lesson while you are making your own activity sheets to photocopy and hand out. I hope the following tips offer you some practical and inspiring ideas for the classroom. Continue reading

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An insight into creating Online Classroom

Online Classroom

With Online Classroom proving to be an incredibly valuable E-learning tool for teachers, we thought you might be interested in finding out about what goes into creating this E-learning tool. We managed to pin Shay (our brilliant Online Classroom Designer) down and ask her a few questions… Continue reading

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History E-learning Takes a Huge Leap Forward

Since the launch of Online Classroom: Australian History a few weeks, it has been flying off the virtual shelves! Offering a fresh perspective on history lesson planning, engaging students in history and offering an easy way to integrate technology into the classroom. Continue reading

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We Should Prepare For Everything – Including NAPLAN

We should prepare for Naplan

We are told by many who work in education that we should not prepare our children for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). I disagree. Those against preparing for NAPLAN, claim that such preparation will place unnecessary pressure on children, and will not better children’s performances. Again, I disagree. Continue reading

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Ten Tips to Integrate Technology into your Classroom

With the annual EduTech Congress and Expo just around the corner, and our Online Classroom: Australian History e‐learning resource just launched, we decided to take a look at quick and easy ways to practically integrate technology into the modern classroom.
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Top ten peeves of the Anzacs

With Anzac day just around the corner, we thought to do a post filled with interesting facts you might not know about the Anzacs.

Yes, the Anzacs were in Gallipoli to fight the Turkish army, but when there, they found they had other battles on their hands. Historical sources left behind, such as diary entries and letters, tell us that the Anzacs’ top ten hates were: Continue reading

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Welcome to the Blog

We would love to warmly welcome you to the new blog from Ready-Ed Publications. Here we hope to share some of our knowledge about educational matters in the news, curriculum changes, historical days, technology in the classroom and much much more.

We really want this blog to add value to your busy life so please let us know what you think of our posts and what you would like to see.

This blog is for teacher’s, home schoolers, parents and anyone else with an interest in educational matters.

It takes a community to educate a child – let’s work together!

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