Writing the News


For Ages: 10 – 12 Years
Curriculum: Australia & New Zealand
ISBN: 978 186 397 560 5
Formats: Ebook (AU, NZ) | Hard copy (AU only)
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Writing the News is a media and writing program aimed at 10 to 12 year old students. It contains a range of newspaper-based writing activities which can be used in literacy and media lessons. The activities aim to build greater awareness of the techniques used in constructing the various parts of a newspaper, as well as developing reporting and creative writing skills.

Each unit of work examines how a different feature of the newpaper is written. Beginning with news articles, and moving on to editorial, sporting articles, advertisements, letters, entertainment and more, activities include studying examples of each, as well as hands on writing exercises.

Writing the News focuses on meeting the needs of the Reading strand of the English Learning Outcomes, and adds a new twist to favourite fairytale characters.

Author: Sally Murphy

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Australia, New Zealand

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