Australian History Series Workbook 3: Community and Remembrance


Please note: There is a minimum order of 15 workbooks.
For Ages: Ages 8-9 years / Year 3
Curriculum: Australia
ISBN: 978 186 397 8613
Format: Hard copy only, postage included.
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*Please note this book is available in hard copy only and class Sets of a minimum of 15 books.

AHS Workbook 3: Community and Remembrance has been written specifically for students living in Australia studying History in Year 3. It’s focus is remembering how Australia has changed and how it has stayed the same.

All of the activity sheets have been carefully constructed to meet the requirements of the Australian National Curriculum. Notes for the teacher are in an accompanying Teachers’ Manual and contain answers, suggested extension activities and ideas about how to introduce each activity sheet. All of the tasks are varied, visually appealing and engaging to maximise student involvement and enjoyment. This workbook accompanies Australian History Series Book 3: Community and Remembrance

The Australian History Series Workbook Teachers’ Manual for the full series also available.

Author: Lindsay Marsh