Online Classroom: Australian Geography Series – Year 3


Online Classroom: Australian Geography Series – Year 3 is a resourceful package! It includes an interactive online resource and an A4 book which is available in hard copy or ebook format.

*The Interactive Online Resource is included with each format.

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(Hard Copy Price: $42.95 – including postage; Ebook price: $19.95)

Online Classroom: Australian Geography Series – Year 3 is a package that includes:

  • Interactive Online Resource
    The online resource can be viewed on smart/whiteboards, tablets and laptops. This interactive resource includes videos, audio, clickable buttons, graphics and more. It is specifically targeted at engaging Year 3 students and bringing classroom lessons to life.
  • Teachers’ Guide
    The teachers’ guide includes step-by-step instructions to using the online resource. All you will need to know about using the online resource is provided in this guide. The code and registration details are provided in this guide too.
  • BLM Activity Sheets
    Photocopiable BLM activity sheets which link to the online content are included in this package. Originally created for our popular BLM ‘Australian Geography Series Book 3: Places Are Similar And Different’, these activity pages have been modified for this package. Students can complete the activities after viewing the online content. All of the activity sheets have been carefully created to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Online Classroom brings Year 3 Geography to life. The curriculum-linked topics include:

  1. Section 1: Australian Boundaries
    In this section learn about divisions and boundaries in Australia as well as well-known Australian natural features.
  2. Section 2: Australia And The Pacific Islands
    In this section learn about similar and different human and natural characteristics in places located in Australia and the Pacific Islands.
  3. Section 3: Diverse Climates
    In this section learn about the difference between the weather and climate and investigate different weather patterns and climates around the world.
  4. Section 4: Place
    In this section learn about people’s relationship with different places; how we can protect and preserve places; the different types of places where Australians choose to live and how place affects lifestyle..

Online Classroom can be used to:
• plan and present your lessons
• generate lively class discussions
• set up group work
• foster independent learning on individual devices
• set online homework and digital research tasks

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