Online Classroom: Bullying Is Not Okay


Online Classroom: Bullying Is Not Okay is a resourceful package! It includes an interactive online resource and an A4 book which is available in hard copy or ebook format.

*The Interactive Online Resource is included with each format.

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(Hard Copy Price: $42.95 – including postage; Ebook price: $19.95)

Online Classroom: Bullying Is Not Okay is an online educational package designed to raise awareness that bullying is wrong and assist students and educators to work together to manage the issue effectively. It is perfect for: teachers, counsellors, parents, home-schoolers and coaches. The package can be used in one-to-one situations to resolve individual problems or shown on the big screen to large groups to help create a no-bullying culture.

The online content relates to children’s lives today. It tackles the growing problem of cyberbullying and most importantly gives students concrete strategies to cope with bullying and cyberbullying if it happens to them – empowering Australian kids in the modern world.

“Online Classroom: Bullying Is Not Okay” is a flexible resource. It can be used:

  • to generate thoughtful class discussions;
  • to set up group work;
  • as part of your Health lessons;
  • to develop a whole school approach to talking about and tackling bullying.

The package includes:

  • Interactive Online Resource
    The online resource can be viewed on smart/whiteboards, tablets and laptops. This interactive resource includes videos, clickable buttons and engaging graphics. The videos feature young students sharing their ideas and experiences of bullying. There are four sections: What Is Bullying?; Preventing Bullying; When Bullying Happens PLUS Scenarios. 
  • Teachers’ Guide
    The teachers’ guide is available as an e-book or hard copy book. It includes step-by-step instructions to using the online resource. All you will need to know about using the online resource is provided in this guide. The code and registration details are provided in this guide too.
  • BLM Activity Sheets
    Photocopiable BLM activity sheets which link to the online content are included in this package. Students can complete the activities after viewing the online content.

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